Escondido Real Estate

The city of Escondido has a rich history. One of the oldest cities in San Diego County, Escondido was incorporated in 1888. It was even the site of a battle during the Mexican-American War, the Battle of San Pasqual. The Mexican forces, led by Andres Pico beat the American forces led by Stephen Kearny & Kit Carson. One can visit San Pasqual Battlefield Historical Park and see the battle reenacted each January.

8 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, in northeast San Diego County sits the community of Escondido. Also called the “Hidden Valley”, this shallow valley is ringed by rocky hills. The city of San Marcos is just northwest of Escondido and Poway is just to the south. This community, which is spread over 37 square miles, is home to 143,000 people.

The average high temperature in Escondido is a comfortable 77° with summer highs as high as 90°. Winter temperatures can dip as low as 42° with an average low of 52°. Annual rainfall for Escondido is almost 15 inches and usually falls between November and April. This mild climate is excellent for growing oranges, grapes & avocados.