Lake San Marcos Real Estate

Lake San Marcos is a small, upscale friendly community. This 1.8 sq mile community is home to almost 4,400 people and is located an un-incorporated part of San Diego County. The centerpiece of this beautiful resort community is an 18 hole golf course, country club and lake. Lake San Marcos is 9 miles east of the Pacific Ocean with San Marcos just to the north. Lake San Marcos, with its beautiful sunshine and cool coastal breezes, has summertime temperatures between 75 to 82 degrees. Temperatures can dip as low as the low 40’s during a winter evening. Annual rainfall is usually around 14 inches between November to March.

This is a busy community with many social functions, clubs and events for people of all ages. The homeowners have gotten together and have hired a private security company. Lake San Marcos Security Patrol is responsible for the amazingly low crime rate for the area.