Rural Vista Real Estate

Living in Rural Vista offers an opportunity for you to live in a peaceful, calm, rural setting situated close to commuter freeways, trains, and other conveniences. Rural Vista includes at least half of the homes in Vista: some are hilltop homes, some are gated estates, some are mutli-family residences, and others are modest ¼ acre lots with stick-built or modular homes that offer privacy and a more simple way of life. At night, seeing the stars is easy in rural Vista, but you are still only a few minutes away from movie theaters (the Krikorian theater complex) as well as arts (Ora Avo Playhouse) and plenty of dining options. The Wave Waterpark, hiking trails, Buena Vista Lagoon and Adobe, as well as Brengle Terrace Park offer diverse entertainment options.

Living in Rural Vista also offers a relief from rules and regulations by HOA’s (usually, but not in all of the new home developments) which often dictate the type and number of animals you may have, building/decorating restrictions, etc. Many people who live in rural Vista have grown up here and choose to stay as a way to balance the demands of modern high-tech life with a connection to nature.

Many of the homes for sale in rural Vista are custom-built homes or customized unique homes with at least one quarter acre of usable space around the home. Some homes have pools, vineyards, expansive gardens, and even horse stables and chicken coups. It is really important to find out what the particular neighborhood in Vista is like during the day and night before deciding which one is right for you. Some neighborhoods are better for hikers, some are better for trails, and others are more convenient to access schools, or grow vegetables. These homes for sale in rural Vista are often a great value in comparison to surrounding areas with a lot of bonuses. The foothills of Vista still offer views of city night lights, gorgeous sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, and room to grow on large lots.

Homes in Rural Vista range in price from the $100,000’s up to $1,000,000, but the average price is generally around $300,000 these days.